Custom Designed and Decorated - Curated Sugar Cookies Just For You

  • Starting at $60 per dozen/2 dozen order minimum
  • Cookies will range from 3”-4.5” in size
  • Cookies be iced with royal icing flavored with fresh squeezed lemon juice and vanilla.
  • Price is dependent on design, number of colors/shapes needed and any added detail/metallics/character design etc.
  • Character/Logo cookies start at $75.

Just for Eating - Simple Iced Circle Cookies

  • $36 per dozen/1 dozen order minimum to add on to a custom order
  • Cookies are 3” in size with a swirl of royal icing + sprinkles
  • Cookies will be created to match your custom cookie designs
  • $42 per dozen for buttercream icing rather than royal.  Many different flavor options available!

Mini Cookie Add On - Adorable Custom Mini Cookies

  • $36 per dozen/1 dozen order minimum to be added to any custom order
  • Cookies will range from 1” - 2” in size
  • Cookies be iced with royal icing flavored with fresh squeezed lemon juice and vanilla.
  • Cookies will be custom decorated in detail to match your larger custom cookies


    • Each cookie will come individually heat sealed for freshness and will be beautifully boxed for your event. Our sugar cookies are flavored with 3 different types of vanilla, including vanilla bean paste.  The icing is a soft royal icing made with fresh squeezed lemon juice and vanilla, offering a modern twist on the classic vanilla cookie we all love.
    • Orders should be placed a minimum of 4 weeks before your desired pickup date (5-6 weeks is preferred). Please see the banner at the top of the page for my current availability.
    • Choose a cookie pickup date that is at least 1 or 2 days BEFORE your event to ensure that you have them in hand when needed!  Pick-ups will be from my home in Sequim, WA generally in the early afternoon to evening.  We will schedule a time that works best the week of pickup. 
    • Since all cookies are individually heat sealed they will stay fresh in packaging for up to 2 weeks. Cookies may also be frozen to seal in freshness and give them an even longer life!  Instructions will be provided
    • Please provide details for your order in regards to design including the desired colors and shapes of the cookies.  If you have pictures of invitation or other decor you'll be using that is always great to use for inspiration.  I will never outright copy someone else's work but will do my best to achieve your desired design.
    • All of my cookies are custom and created for you.  This is a creative process and while I will do my best to design to your requirements there will always be a Cookie Daughter style applied.
  • Please see our Terms and Conditions HERE 

Please choose a pick-up date 1-2 days BEFORE your event.

Minimum order is 2 dozen.

Please put 0 if you answered no.

Please put 0 if you answered no.

Give me all the details! What shape of cookies, colors, vibe, style, a name, specific animal, year etc.?

I am only able to ship within the state of Washington.